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Table Tennis CoachingTable Tennis Cairns has a number of highly experienced coaches and players that are always keen to help you develop your skills. While it is preferential to receive coaching instruction face to face, we understand that this is not always possible which is why we’ve created the Coaching Corner. Hopefully the information below will assist you to develop your game on your own or at least help with your understanding of the skills.

New lessons will be added to the Coaching Corner periodically so please check back from time to time.  You are always welcome to attend one of the sessions at Table Tennis Cairns and receive face to face coaching.

Table Tennis Stance

Table Tennis Stance

Table Tennis Foundation Skill # 1: The Stance A large percentage of problems in producing power, receiving recurring injuries, poor footwork and poor technique stem from an incorrect stance (or starting position). A good stance allows a player to move quickly around the court allowing the player to use every muscle possible to exert power …

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