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Choosing The Best Bat – Your Blade

Choosing the best equipment is a huge key to developing as a player.

Table tennis bats are made of 2 components…
# The blade (the wooden part of the bat).
# 2 sheets of rubber.

In this post we’ll talk about choosing a blade.

There’s a full report here on why certain blades suit developing players and junior players and why certain blades are bad choices.

Much of the information online and manufacturer’s information on blades is inaccurate or misleading so this pdf report is highly recommended reading…
Blades For Junior & Developing Players

Blades this report recommends include:
All Round Speed
Tibhar IV L 85g
Stiga Allround Classic* 85g
Donic Waldner Allplay 80g

All Round+ Speed
Tibhar IV L Light Contact 86g
KTL Instinct 74g (cheap option, fairly light)
Stiga Allround Evolution 85g

OFF- Speed
Tibhar Patrick Chila OFF (balsa core for mid distance loopers)
Stiga Energy Wood WRB 77g (a little lighter than other Stiga blades)
Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood* 85g

*Be careful. There are carbon versions of blades like Tibhar Samsonov. Look for 5 plies of wood…
no carbon.

Before buying a bat you should consult the equipment officer at Table Tennis Cairns…currently Paul Uttley.

He has extensive experience with blades and rubbers and can help you make a good choice and get the best price on your equipment.