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Table Tennis Stance

Table Tennis Foundation Skill # 1: The Stance

A large percentage of problems in producing power, receiving recurring injuries, poor footwork and poor technique stem from an incorrect stance (or starting position). A good stance allows a player to move quickly around the court allowing the player to use every muscle possible to exert power and/or spin on the ball.

The best players in the world are highly skilled in maintaining good basic stances as they move around the court, allowing them to produce power shot after power shot overwhelming their opposition, as well as deft ‘touches’ when required.

A basic guideline for a good beginning stance is to stand in the backhand corner of your side of the table and face your body towards the backhand corner at the other side of the table (This is called the basic ‘receive’ stance).

The player’s feet should be shoulder width apart (or wider) pointing forward with the body. The player should stand leaning slightly forward on the balls of the feet distributing their weight evenly over the knees (to maintain good balance).

World champions Timo Boll from Germany and Zhang Jike from China both have excellent stance. In this 9 minute video watch how they move around the table and execute strokes while staying in that perfect stance most of the time.



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