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The Vital Importance Of Grip

Holding your bat correctly is a huge key to playing both at the basic level and at more advanced levels.

If your grip is not correct it makes it difficult or impossible to develop power and spin in strokes.

This video covers the basics of grip…

At a higher level of play the grip is changed for different shots.

These changes include:

Using a looser grip and relaxed hand for shots like a short push or a drop shot.

Twisting the bat open slightly to allow for a much wider angle on the forehand down the line stroke.

Twisting the bat slightly more closed to allow for a curving sidespin to the forehand side crosscourt.

Applying more pressure with the thumb to increase the power of backhand strokes.

Changing the grip to create more spin on the serve.

So the way you hold the bat and the changes you make to to the grip for different shots becomes even more important as your skills in the game increase.

This video is an example of the depth a coach might consider even just the basic grip. Your grip is important…